Lightning Protection and Earthing System Commercial and Industrial Lighting
Automatic Capacitor Bank Motor Starter Panel
Self-Luminous Signage Battery Charger & Batteries
Earth Leakage Relay Transducer


Lightning Protection System

ˇ§DAT-Controlerˇ¨E.S.E. Lightning Protection System is a world renowned Lightning Protection Systems and is fully recognized by all leading E&M consultants and architects in Hong Kong. Its products include direct lightning conductors, surge arrestors and accessories. Its features are high efficiency, low installation costs and simple installation. This system has been installed in many commercial and industrial projects in Hong Kong including:

  • Power Generation Plant
  • Satellite Broadcast Stations
  • Sewage Water Treatment Plant


Automatic Capacitor Bank

ˇ§Electroniconˇ¨is one of the best Automatic Power Factor Improvement Equipment in Germany and is build in quality concern. Its main advantages are low loss, small in size, protected by internal over-pressure tear-off fuses. In Hong Kong, this system has been installed in many

projects such as:

  • MTRC
  • Hotels
  • Concrete Plants
  • Industrial Plants

Self-Luminous Signage

ˇ§Signtexˇ¨Self-Luminous Exit and Directional Signage is one of the leading brands in the world. It complies with BS5499 Part 2 and is approved by Hong Kong Government Fire Services Department. Its main features are 15 years working life, no power supply, no wiring, no maintenance is required, simple installation and easy to remove for relocation. Job reference includes:

  • Hong Kong Museum of History
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • And many other commercial project
  • Shell Hong Kong Limited
  • Various Hong Kong Tunnels

Commercial and Industrial Lighting

ˇ§Valorˇ¨is the trade-name for some of our lighting products. Our products include down light, floodlight, garden light and under-water lighting. In the past few years, it had been installed in many projects in various locations.

Battery Charger

ˇ§SM82ˇ¨Battery charger is one of the leading battery charger manufacturers in UK. It specializes in manufacturing battery charges for control and tripping, standby and traction batteries for Ni-Cad or Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. We also supply different kinds of batteries for tripping and stationary in order to fulfill customers' needs.

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