LSA Smartlite offers a growing range of LEDs and LED Products, in practically any configuration - from leading International Suppliers. From individual LEDs through to sophisticated custom programmable solutions - Smartlite LEDs are suitable for Signage, Architectural Lighting, Landscape, Pool and Water Feature Lighting, as well as for specialised applications such as Solar Powered, Marine, RV ( Recreational Vehicles), Safety and Emergency Lighting.

LSA Smartlite recognises the growing International importance of LED lighting (or Solid State Lighting), and is positioned to source and continue to source, the latest LED technology, as it becomes commercially available, and to apply that technology to provide practical lighting solutions to our Clients. Our ongoing R & D Program ensures continual development of LED lighting products for a growing number of applications.

The following products are available in numerous colours and technical variations, depending apon the specific application:-

  • Discrete LEDs
  • LED Bulbs
  • Customised and Standard LED Clusters
  • MR 16 Retrofits and Light Fittings
  • Luxeons and Super Bright Leds 
  • Solar Powered Lights and Strip Lights
  • LEDs on flexible tape
  • LEDs on flexible strips
  • LED strip lighting in many shapes and sizes
  • Border LEDS for external use
  • Spot Lights
  • Solar Fittings
  • Drive Over / Walk Over Lights
  • Directional Lights
  • Custom Solutions and applications

LEDs are available in variations of Red, Orange, Amber, Yellow, Blue and Green - as well as in White. RGB options are also available to provide automatic colour change if required. The lights can also be linked to music systems via Industry Standard DMX Controllers.

LEDs offer many advantages over conventional incandescent, flourescent and neon lighting, including:-

  • Low Voltage - normally 12 or 24 volts, making them safe to use in all situations especially around water. No high voltage electrical requirements, and reduced public liability risk.
  • Low Heat - LEDs produce virtually no heat, making them safe to use in confined spaces, and saving on air conditioning costs in building applications.

  • Very Long Life - minumum 60,000 to 100,000 hours continuous use, depending on the colour - for reduced maintenence costs

  • Low Power Usage - around 10% of normal lighting costs, making LEDs dramatically cheaper to run. This benefit also makes LED Lights and Strip Lights ideal for Solar Powered lighting in remote areas away from normal electrical power. (Governments and International Environmental Agencies are committed to the rapid introduction of LED lighting, to combat the massive energy shortages around the world.)

  • Very Durable - LEDs are very robust - with no filaments, bulbs, burnt out flouros or shattered neon to replace. Resistant to vibration, cold, dampness and salt spray.

  • Easy to install - reduced installation costs.

  • Environmentally friendly - compared with flourescent, incandescent, and neon lighting - less use of fossil fuels (required to produce the glass needed to encapsulate incandescent, flourescent and neon lighting), and no environmentally harmful materials (such as Mercury) or gases (such as neon) used in the manufacture or ongoing operation of LEDs 

Technical Specifications

The brightest and most consistent LEDs in Australia

  • 1mm through to 10mm (5mm rounds 15-60 degrees angle most popular)
  • 4000 - 10,000 mcd most popular
  • Up to 160 degrees angle
  • rated from 500íV 100,000 mcd.
  • up to 50% brighter than other comparable Leds
  • from 20 milliamps
  • SMD (surface mount),wafer, flat tops and ovals
  • Luxeons (various configurations)
  • Our prices and quality are the best with LEDS 
    ranging from AUD$0.31 cents (minimum orders apply)

MR 16 LED Bulb Fittings

  • 18 - 24 Leds per fitting
  • Luxeon Variations also available
  • available in any colour and RGB
  • Latest Technology allows White to be ordered by
    degrees Kelvin from 3000K (a rich golden light) to 5000K
  • Up to 54 Lumens brightness
  • 12 volt AC or DC
  • From 210 milliamps
  • From 2.5 watts
  • Price on Application due to colour and volumes
  • Ideal for home lighting, commercial lighting, marine, caravans, motorhomes and RVs, solar fittings, or for any MR 16 halogen fitting.
  • Extensive range of Light Fittings available, with options including:- Glass and Metal Dressed Rims in many colours and finishes, Dichroic Coloured Lens, Slumped Glass Lens, Blown Glass, Cut Glass and other classic fittings.

Strip Lights

  • available in any length
  • full colour range and RGB
  • clear or opaque cover option
  • see the latest prismatic white cover for white LED fittings (50% brighter) 20 leds per foot
  • from 1.8 to 2.8 watts / foot
  • 120 milliamps at 24V or 240 at 12V for white
  • Price on Application due to colour and volume
  • Ideal for commercial, residential, marine, caravans, motorhomes and RVs,
    safety, and solar applications

Inverters / Transformers

  • a complete range of Inverters and Transformers available to meet  your  requirements, and to enable the use of LEDs for any purpose and application. (Smartlite recommends the use of regulated transformers or the inclusion of a regulator at some point in the circuit.)

The advantages of LEDs have led to a rapid expansion of the use of LED lighting in almost every area of lighting. 

It is widely predicted that LED lighting technology will replace incandescent and flourescent lighting in the future.  Talk to LSA Smartlite about your LED requirements.

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