Earth Leakage Relay


Earth Leakage Relay

RUDOLF's Earth Leakage Relay is designed to monitor & detect earth leakage current using separate toriod. The choice of earth leakage relay can be either with fixed sensitivity at 3OmA or 300mA or with selectable sensitivity of either up to 3A with selectable time delay of up to O.5sec or up to 1 OA with selectable time delay of up to O.5sec. with special design LED bar indication, RUDOLF's Earth Leakage Relay will display the fault level present in the net-work prior to tripping. This allow the relevant personnel to perform a check to their installation before an actual fault occur to trip and handicap their power supply system.
Basic Features

• Choice of fixed sensitivity 3OmA/300mA or selectable sensitivity up to 3A/ 1OA

Time delay of up to 0.5 sec with selected model

• "Test" button for simulation of fault condition

• "Reset" button for clearing of fault condition

• 1 or 2 SPDT relay out put

• LED bar indicator display of fault level prior to tripping

• Sealable cover on module with selectable sensitivity to prevent tampering.

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