Self-Luminous Signage

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Standards :   
  • British Standard      : BS5499: Part 2: 1986 / Part 1: 1990
  • American Standard : ANS M540 / UL924
A wide range of health and safety, fire and environmental expertise can be provided to intending customers, together with advice on the requirements of present and forthcoming legislation, plus practical guidance on meeting these requirements.


The SIGNS provide LIGHT where you want it with...
  • No wire, batteries or sensors
  • No electrical installation or maintenance
  • 10 Year to 20 Years Life
  • Total reliability-failsafe
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof capabilities
  • Sparkproof
  • Money saving
  • Simple installation
  • Clear of all visual obstruction
  • Green light output for maximum visibility in dark conditions. Minimum initial brightness of. 51 CD/M2

Hong Kong Switchgear Limited has co-developed with Signtex Inc., America's leading Self-Luminous Sign Manufacturer a series of Self-Luminous Signs to meet the specific requirements for Illuminated Exit Signs and Directional Signs by the Code of Practice for Minimum Fire Services Installation & Equipment for the HKSAR. The products are tested for both BS5499: Part 2 and UL-924.

The EMC Series is self-powered by the low-energy radioactivity of Tritium Gas hermetically sealed within well-protected tubes. The life of the self-power depends on the amount of Tritium filled, effective life of the sign can be 10 to 20 Years.

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