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Emergence Self-Luminous Exit

EMERGENCE Custom Graphics

  • 100% Reliable: Internally Illuminated by Sealed Tritium Gas Light Sources.
  • Requires no Electrical Power, Wiring or Batteries, and no Maintenance.
  • Green Light output for maximum visibility in dark conditions. Minimum initial brightness of 0.51 CD/M2
  • Lamps Guaranteed for up to 20 Years of continuous operation.
  • Observation tested for visibility up to 25FT in complete darkness.


  • One - Piece Flameproof Thermoplastic Injection molded housing only 25MM thick with universal mount bracket.
  • Standard finishes satin white or black housing, with white lettering and high contrast red, green or black faceplate. Optional finished include custom colors.
  • Suitable for use in Hazardous atmospheres and wet locations.
  • Certified to comply with BRITISH STANDARD BS5499; PART 2,1986.
  • UL STANDARD 924 and LIFE SAFETY CODE NEPA 101 (2000).
  • NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE ARTICLE 500, CLASS I and II Conditions, Sealed Source and Device Registered with USNRC for Distribution to GENERAL LICENSEES.


  • Unconditional warranty is provided for Illuminated life as specified on the product Label.

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