Power Transducer

The power transducer are particularly useful in the power plant and switchgear sector, where they used to isolate the electrical signals and for further processing. A new generation of measuring transducers is continuing the long-standing tradition. These are available under the trademark Rudolf.

This innovation was developed on the basis of consistently high quality at a reasonable cost. With improved levels of accuracy and safety which go well beyond the market standards, the RUDOLF Transducer assures improved continunity of services for your systems.

Product Information
Measuring & Conversion
Dielectric Strength
DIN-IEC 688 2 kVAC 50/60Hz/1 minute
Impulse test ANSI C37.90a/1974,
IEEE 587/1983, IEC 255-4, 5KV (1.2x50ms)
Surge test (ring wave) IEC 255-4 (2.5KV - 0.25ms/1 MHz)   
Transducers Range:
AC Current & Voltage Transducer
Frequency Transducer
Watt & Var Transducer
Watthour & Varhour Transducer
Watt/Watthour & Var/Varhour Transducer
Power Factor Transducer

Performance Characteristics:
Attractively priced
Compliance with national and international standard
High performance output signal circuits.
Non-stated ranges are available on request or as options
Well-proven applied circultries fully ensuring long term stability.
Din case in small size of space saving. Minimum dimension.
High plant reliability and dependability

The flexibility that you can benefit from ......
Available on only two case size, 45mm and 100mm wide, RUDOLF transducer offers you:
Maximum flexibility in mounting as Din rail and surface mount option which means
that RUDOLF transducers can be fitted in many retrofit applications.
High packing density of up to 3 curent or voltage transducers can be
Housed in a single 100mm case to ensure efficient space saving.

The stability you always wanted..
Careful attention to design and the provision of only a minimum amount of adjustment, guarantees that RUDOLF transducer have a stability of less than 100/ppm drift per ºC charge, 0.2% drift per annum non-cumulative. This level of stability means that TAC transducer can endure a lifetime of maintenance free operation.

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