Battery Chargers and Batteries




SM82 Switch mode Range of Automatic Battery Chargers


  • High rate duty float charging: 5A (12V) 3A (24V) output
  • Fully automatic charge regulation
  • Light compact Din rail mount design
  • Optional boost mode
  • Optional charge fail relay output


Product Specification
Power Supply:@
nominal operating voltages



nominal operating frequency 47-400HZ
DC Charge Output:

output current ADC

nominal voltage VDC

line regulation

load regulation

output ripple

float/boost voltages

3                5

24              12




see table overleaf

Charge Fail Output:

relay type

contact rating

volt free SPDT contacts relay de-energised on fault

1A @ 30VDC (resistive load)


operating temperature

overall dimensions (w x h x d)


EMC emission / immunity

-10 to +55OC

133MM X 130MM X 80MM

0.56Kg (1.24lbs)

EN 58801-2 / EN50082-2


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