Project Reference

Quality Standards

All components that come out of our factories have to undergo a strict quality control test to ensure customer satisfaction. As testament to our commitment to quality, products that we produce adhere to the following worldwide standards:

  • BS EN 60439 PART 2
  • IEC 439 PART 2 (International)
  • JIS (Japan)

Our products are put through a battery of tests to meet international standards by third parties namely ASTA and CRIEPI. The 10 stringent categories are:

1. Temperature Rise Test
2. Dielectric Strength Test
3. Test of Continuity of the Protective Circuit
4. Construction Inspection
5. Mechanical Operation test
6. Test of Degree of Protection
7. Measurement of Resistance and Reactance
8. Insulation Resistance Test
9. Structural Strength Test
10. Short-circuit Test